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37 Inch Electric Longboard of Dual Motors 22 MPH, E-go Electric Longboard with Replaceable Off-road Wheels Wireless Remote Control [US STOCK]

$ 609.99

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Product Description


  • [REPLACEABLE OFF-ROAD WHEELS] This electric longboard is with two kinds of wheels, you can choose what you like. The 6 ” silicone off-road tires (wear-resistant and explosion-proof) can be for grassland, mountain road and rough urban terrain, the other 83*52mm 80A PU wheels (durable and flexible) can be for general city road.
  • [LONGBOARD FOR BETTER RIDING] This Electric Longboard supports a max weight of 270 lbs. It is made up of high quality 7-ply Canadian maple deck, including one layer bamboo on the bottom of the board. The layered construction promote the flexibility and sturdiness of the deck.
  • [DUAL-MOTOR] This e-go electric longboard are more powerful and speedy compared with hub motor. Its belt is with double motors (900W*2). Climbing steep hills without break, accelerating to an exhilarating speeds-22 mph, while maintaining perfect control
  • [BATTERY & WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL] The E-go Electric Longboard is equipped with a long-lasting 8.8Ah separated battery box. It can be fully charged within 4 hours. And with the Wireless Remote Control, you do not need to stop for starting. Just slide gently to boot for perfect riding from school, around campus, or commuting to work
  • [US STOCK] The order will be sended to your hands in 3-7 days. If you have any problems, please contact us asap.

Product Features:

Material: Maple, Bamboo, Plastic
Wheel Material: Silicone
Type: US
Size: 930 x 320 x 175mm
Type: Skateboard
Quantity: Kit
Net weight: 7.4kg
Battery Capacity: 8.8AH
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Max Speed: 35 km/h
Max Mileage: 20 km
Gender: Unisex (Boys and Girls)
Super smooth ride with unique wheels design to improve deliver performance.
It is portable and lightweight, helps you to promote natural range of motion.
The product is made of high quality material, for everyday use and long lasting durability.


1.Always put safety first-as it is possible to lose balance and cause a collision or fall, ensure that you use the board in a safe appropriate environment, and you always wear appropriate safety gear.
2.Please wear a suitable skateboard helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves.
3.Wear suitable attire when skateboarding to protect you from scraping if you fall.
4.Wear shoes – flipflops or similar loose footwear are not suitable riding wear.
5.Only one person can ride on the Skateboard.
6.The maximum carrying weight supported by the boards is 120kg/260lbs.
7.Exceeding this weight will affect the skateboard balance and functionality, and may cause the board to fail, act inappropriately otherwise break.

Package Content:

1 x Skateboard

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